Seven years ago, I began working with XBMC (now known as Kodi), getting it to work on the Apple TV under Linux. An XBMC developer, Scott Davilla had done some work with 1080p playback, and made it possible on OS X and Apple TV’s original OS using a Broadcom Crystal HD card. My distribution was originally named Crystalbuntu. Two years later, the original Apple TV was no longer in production, so I looked towards a new platform. The Raspberry Pi was yet to be released, but it looked attractive with its low price point, low power consumption and small form factor. The rest is history.

Today, I’m bringing the great OSMC experience to the old Apple TV, almost ten years after the Apple TV was released and eight years after Apple stopped supporting the device. OSMC on Apple TV comes with Linux 4.2 and Kodi 15.x. This means WiFi dongles, TV tuners and a wide variety of hardware will work on your device right out of the box. We are now shipping our own optimised NVIDIA and CrystalHD drivers to provide the best performance and stability, and you won’t be disappointed. I plan to support Apple TV for as long as I can. I would like to thank original Apple TV users for helping make OSMC what it is today. Before OSMC, there was Raspbmc. Before Raspbmc there was Crystalbuntu. And you.

It’s time to dust off the Apple TV and get it running again. To grab OSMC for the Apple TV, head over to the Download page here.

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