A while back, we showed you that we were working on a new look and feel for OSMC.

Our brand has evolved a lot over the past few months and we want to update our skin to reflect that. Our current skin is not supported by the upcoming Kodi Krypton (v17), so we took the opportunity to work on something new. Many of you will no doubt already have favourite skins, but we feel that there is a place for a well designed OSMC skin that provides a unique look and feel.

We made some changes to our skin in June 2015, and some of you liked the new changes, and some of you didn't. We believe that your feedback is an important part of making the new OSMC skin as user friendly and visually stunning as possible for as many different users as possible.

While the OSMC team is lucky enough to have a talented graphic designer, we have always struggled to find a permanent skinner committed to improving the OSMC look and feel. Developing a skin from a design takes a large amount of patience; effort and skill. It's a tough job. Our resident designer Simon Brunton teamed up with Andy M to work on something special.

When we refreshed the OSMC skin, we understand that many saw this as a regression, and in fact preferred the first iteration of the skin. As a result, with our new skin, we've gone back to our roots, and added a little of the new OSMC flare.

We'd love for you to test the skin. This skin is compatible with the upcoming Kodi Krypton (v17), so you will need to be running a test build to try the skin.

Please let us know what you think of the skin. We've got some great plans for it!