We hope that you had a good Christmas and New Year. Our first update of the decade has arrived with a number of system improvements.

We continue our development for 3D Frame Packed (MVC) output for Vero 4K / 4K + and a significantly improved video stack which will land shortly and our work on preparing Raspberry Pi 4 support continues.

Here's what's new:

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue with refresh rate switching on Vero 4K/4K+ that could cause some content not to play back correctly
  • Fix an issue which could prevent Bluetooth from being enabled properly on some devices

Improving the user experience

  • Updated Kodi binary add-ons to newer versions
  • Improved GPU clock speed on Vero 4K + by 25%


  • Deprecated Raspberry Pi Overclocking settings in My OSMC
  • Vero 4K/4K+: updated to latest Kodi ffmpeg version
  • Added more detailed log parsing for refresh rates and video whitelisting information
  • Reduced initramfs size for faster system bootup on all platforms
  • Add initial support for 4.9 kernel on Vero 4K/4K+
  • Added initial support for OSMC RF Remote controller rev 2.5

Wrap up

To get the latest and greatest version of OSMC, simply head to My OSMC -> Updater and check for updates manually on your exising OSMC set up. Of course — if you have updates scheduled automatically you should receive an update notification shortly.

If you enjoy OSMC, please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and consider making a donation if you would like to support further development.

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