Last month, we released our September update with Debian Bullseye as well as a number of improvements in the process.

It was a significant update, and despite the extensive testing, issues were reported and we've worked hard to get them solved and roll them up promptly. We planned to release this update on Sunday, but we experienced some infrastructure issues that prevented this.

Here's what's new:

Bug fixes

  • Fix CEC issues with some TV/AVR setups on Vero 4K +
  • Fix an issue which prevented Docker from working properly on Vero 4K / 4K +
  • Fix an issue where a green screen could occur when seeking through HEVC material on Vero 4K / 4K +
  • Fix an issue with HLG playback on Vero 4K /4K +

Improving the user experience

  • Vero 4K / 4K+: reinstate 2560x1080 (VESA) and 1920x1200 video modes
  • Vero 4K / 4K+: reinstate support for Hauppage HD tuners
  • Update OSMC time service to not use third party servers for time synchronisation
  • Numerous skin fixes and improvements
  • Vero 4K / 4K+: improve refresh rate adjustment behaviour (reverted on 07/11)


  • Improved Docker out of box experience on Vero 4K / 4K+ and Raspberry Pi

OSMC manufacturing update and longevity changes

We've announced some updates regarding the manufacturing and support of Vero 4K / 4K +. We are extending support for Vero 4K / 4K +, however due to cost increases, we will be increasing our prices in the near future.

Wrap up

To get the latest and greatest version of OSMC, simply head to My OSMC -> Updater and check for updates manually on your exising OSMC set up. Of course — if you have updates scheduled automatically you should receive an update notification shortly.

If you enjoy OSMC, please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and consider making a donation if you would like to support further development.