Last month, we launched Vero V, our fifth iteration of our flagship device. We've been working tirelessly to ship our new device and the best way to enjoy OSMC as promptly as possible.

Doesn't look too bad, does it?

However, we've also been very busy improving OSMC and have a lot to announce in time for Christmas.

Here's what's new:

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue on Vero 4K / 4K + and V where the kernel may not install properly during an update where there is CMA memory pressure
  • Fix an HSBS issue on Vero 4K / 4K +
  • Fix non-working playback of MJPEG material on Vero 4K / 4K + / V
  • Fix an issue that prevented skipping 3D ISO material on Vero 4K / 4K + / V
  • Fix a Samba issue where share name cannot be same as username
  • Fix an issue where users could not see a picture on Vero 4K / 4K + / V when the TV reports an invalid timing mode.
  • Vero 4K / 4K + / V: fixed issues with BTRFS filesystem
  • OSMC Skin: Fix focus cover animation in wide views
  • OSMC Skin: Fix media flags transition glitch
  • OSMC Skin: Fix radio button control text width
  • OSMC Skin: Fix behaviour when the correct view type or content type is not yet ready (especially related to addons loading new pages)

Improving the user experience

  • Add support for improved remote dongle on OSMC Vero V
  • Improve MESA packaging on Raspberry Pi so that packages depending on upstream libraries can be installed again
  • Add support for true 4K UI on Vero V to allow viewing of photos in higher resolution
  • Added support for Blu-Ray BD-J menus. Users need to install the Java Runtime Environment from OSMC's App Store.
  • Improved 3D MVC playback on Vero 4K / 4K + / V
  • Improved My OSMC logging explanations
  • Support external remote dongle on Vero V
  • Update and improve translations
  • Improved deinterlacing on Vero 4K and Vero V
  • Add support for GLESv3 on Vero V
  • Add Pluto TV PVR Kodi add-on
  • Improved support for DVI displays on Vero 4K / 4K + / V
  • OSMC Skin: Add new setting to adjust select action of album, TV show and movie set main menu widgets
  • OSMC Skin: Add consistent reminder icons for PVR reminder feature introduced in Kodi Nexus
  • OSMC Skin: Add genre colours to TV and radio guide
  • OSMC Skin: Improve live TV and radio related localisations
  • OSMC Skin: Improve pre-playback behaviour of now playing information section in the top right corner of each window/dialog
  • OSMC Skin: Improve consistency between PVR windows and dialogs (feature parity as well as cosmetic appearance)
  • OSMC Skin: Improve media flags behaviour during window transitions and when encountering edge cases
  • OSMC Skin: Improve progress feedback of confirm dialog as well as the extended progress notification
  • Made a VNC Server available for Vero 4K / 4K + and Vero V via the My OSMC App Store.
  • Install cron scheduler by default on new installations -- this can be still controlled via the App Store


  • Reduce filesystem footprint by stripping system libraries in default system path
  • Updated Buildroot environment to 2018.11 so Raspberry Pi 5 can be supported shortly
  • Updated Blu-Ray library (libbluray) for better compatibility
  • Improved kernel build process when running consecutive builds
  • When building filesystems, clean the log file on build as well as clean target
  • Unify ConnMan preferences file with /etc/osmc/prefs.d directory convention.
  • Allow systemd-timesyncd to be installed in place of NTP
  • Clean up old TCP kernel vulnerability mitigations

Wrap up

To get the latest and greatest version of OSMC, simply head to My OSMC -> Updater and check for updates manually on your exising OSMC set up. Of course — if you have updates scheduled automatically you should receive an update notification shortly.

If you enjoy OSMC, please follow us on X, like us on Facebook and consider making a donation if you would like to support further development.

You may also wish to check out our Store, which offers a wide variety of high quality products which will help you get the best of OSMC.

Vero V is our latest and greatest flagship and you can still order it in time for Christmas delivery worldwide.