OSMC currently supports the Raspberry Pi, Vero, and Apple TV.

Raspberry Pi Pi 1, 2, 3 & Zero
Vero OSMC flagship
Apple TV 1st generation


OSMC is well known for its ease of installation. To get started, simply select your current operating system to download the device installer. This will allow you to create a bootable image for any OSMC supported device.

OSMC may be free but running the project costs money. Support OSMC by making a donation which helps grow the project. Also check out our great products which will guarantee you get the best of your OSMC experience. We ship fast to anywhere in the world!

Windows XP SP2 +
OS X 10.07 +

You can also download disk images.

Disk images

Raspberry Pi 1 / Zero

Release Checksum (MD5)
2016.12-1 c54b2fdc9fd4a2289648d5cad8312679
2016.11-1 7300fbe364e9188aa416a2372a321d3d
2016.10-1 0be89724ddb20025011fc810841deb8d
2016.09-1 6d23abda4ef9f6ed594b3edeebed3858
2016.08-1 b1abfe902883a93f11939e2b1492cd22

Raspberry Pi 2 / 3

Release Checksum (MD5)
2016.12-1 d75428a0cd71872728eb19573a6d871c
2016.11-1 241b70275e52aae173b67d5f5ec6eaa1
2016.10-1 a25a347b115c909df0efc272babb1f47
2016.09-1 c3605fac9baeabb812d4147ae733c6c7
2016.08-1 73a160ba830370e09d921c83992882ec


Release Checksum (MD5)
2016.12-1 c08560d9ac497d4784e50f5f14585431
2016.11-1 98c26f7bea3e1ef8139230c42735633b
2016.10-1 119f31b332022ad9b7ac380f4ed5e405
2016.09-1 3865cc7a0840bad404cc8174fc0bc52d
2016.08-1 5bacc64db9bcab745a08184317bb75b0

Vero 2

Release Checksum (MD5)
2016.12-1 c7c48563110da3a80274266e79de5cc3
2016.11-1 53e7efc8c8996960260220e71cc468e2
2016.10-2 cbf989d33bf9cf594e490e36e73a1584
2016.09-1 a94c6dbc44a4af85ef27b4fc1abaa99c
2016.08-1 b588c9e7d7ae55d4954eed2d6aae88b8
Android.2016-07 06b174c8130d2fe6321ff2a6a179a99d

Apple TV 1

Release Checksum (MD5)
2016.12-1-USB 1ad46c4285caf150e6bfeec99cd4b6b4
2016.12-1-HDD 099d109f1fd60c4c5ab06c89d8481d25
2016.10-1-USB 34d772a2d4e6dff5ece39268032cb7ef
2016.10-1-HDD e7e027bf2f30e35d93e35bbac9bfa33e
2016.09-1-USB 39a47e246fbf773b1fa9739fc13a2a82
2016.09-1-HDD bf08f76275c43c8d618d5250e43f17a5
2016.08-1-USB 760ded2db0cbe10205c54ef6f2ca9b85
2016.08-1-HDD 902f2a6355909ef35cb0f320cd7ddd2c
2016.07-1-USB 0b3a6c4820e17dcd9278ccf27fd3a21c
2016.07-1-HDD 5efd65b77758fe29e50d9c702e14c741