Hi everyone, we’ve some big news and we think you’ll like it. Today, after a year of hard work, we’re announcing the stable release of OSMC.

OSMC may be young but it has old ties and the team who have been working on it have been involved in open source TV software for over 5 years. Powered by the popular Kodi media center software, OSMC goes above and beyond, delivering an application store, easy content sharing and a stunning interface. OSMC gets better each month with updates that can be installed right from your seat.

We’re just getting started!

OSMC will continue to improve and receive regular updates that make your TV viewing experience even better. Over the Summer months we will be developing our much-anticipated Ocelot web browser, improving our selection of applications in our Applications Store and adding support for more hardware platforms. Next week, we’ll be explaining our upgrade cycle so that you can easily understand how OSMC updates work and when they will be released.

Thank you

There are so many people to thank who have helped me make OSMC what it is. I’d like to thank developers, everyone who contributed and most importantly, you, the users. In particular, I’d like to thank the following people and teams, and I do apologise if I have missed anyone: Simon Byrnand, Dom Cobley, the Raspberry Pi foundation, Team Kodi, Mark Theis Madsen, Simon Brunton, Kevin Goffe, Kevin O’Donnel, Gerald Barker, Mike Fanning, Adam Williams, Sam Segers, Ivan Malkavi, Martin Sundberg, Stephan Mueller, Matus Kral, Peter Fruehberger, UKFast, Linode, our entire moderation staff, everyone who tested pre-release builds, the Debian project and countless others.

Please help us grow

We want OSMC to keep growing, and we need your help. If you enjoy OSMC, please like us on social media via Twitter orFacebook and consider making a donation if you would like to support further development. We also have a community forum where you can get help and support — feel free to drop in and join the conversation!

Getting OSMC

If you’ve not downloaded OSMC, you can grab it from our Downloads page here. Any existing setups can be upgraded right from your remote. While you should receive an update message shortly, you can upgrade manually right now via My OSMC. We’re supporting Raspberry Pi and Vero devices with this initial release, but plan to support more hardware by September. We’re really happy to see that 450,000 users are already using OSMC regularly and only expect that number to grow further.

Wrap up

So here we are! At last, the stable release of OSMC is ready! Download it, enjoy it and spread the word. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new OSMC. To celebrate, and give everyone a chance to experience OSMC to its full potential, we’re offering 5% off everything at the OSMC shop until Sunday, 7th July. Simply click here and use ‘OSMCFINAL’ at the checkout.

Thank you for using OSMC and best wishes

Sam Nazarko