Hi everyone

This month we have again been working on core OSMC improvements. We’re currently working on Bluetooth audio support, automated filesystem checking and repair, the OSMC desktop and Apple TV 1st generation support. As some have noticed, Vero has been out of stock for a few weeks. We are now working on a new device and plan for it to go on sale next month. To keep up to date with the latest news, consider subscribing to our Newsletter.

Team Kodi have now announced that Kodi 15.2 has now been officially released. We have been including backported fixes in OSMC in each update and this version of OSMC now sees the final version of Kodi Isengard. We will be offering nightly supports of Kodi 16 (codename Jarvis) in the near future.

Bug fixes

  • Fix watch flag in Confluence
  • Fix empty artist information on ‘Latest Album’
  • Fix setting time when changing regions
  • Fix default sorting for songs over UPNP
  • Fix MicroDVD subtitles
  • Disable component specific logging for video
  • Fix an issue affecting HiFiBerry sound cards on Raspberry Pi 1
  • Fix an issue resulting in no framebuffer on Raspberry Pi 1
  • Fix excessive debug logging
  • Fix an issue which could cause a small GUI on Vero when a non-standard videomode is used
  • Fix an issue where Raspberry Pi was stuck in a performance governor state; reduces power consumption and improves stability
  • Fix an upstream kernel issue that could cause Raspberry Pi to deadlock
  • Fix an issue on Vero caused by an out of spec CTS could hang the system
  • Fix an issue on Vero that could prevent using a custom EDID
  • Fix a Vero SD boot issue caused by extended clock gating scenario
  • Fix a Vero SD boot issue where card is tuned too quickly
  • Fix a Vero SD boot issue where DMA length mismatch occurs on slow AHB read access
  • Fix a Vero SD boot issue where Vero would mistakenly attempt to drive uSD at HS200
  • Fix a Vero SD boot issue where Vero would mistakenly think write protect is enabled
  • Fix a Raspberry Pi issue where VC-1 frames may not set cache control
  • Fix an issue where using Profile Mode in Kodi could result in the skin not showing all assets
  • Fix an issue where addons would not update

Improving the user experience

  • Reduce Raspberry Pi 2 overclock parameters for turbo profile to ensure better stability
  • Allow SSH and ConnMan configuration file modifications to persist across updates
  • Improved uploading of log files via My OSMC
  • Improve Service management in OSMC in preparation for additional applications to the App Store
  • Updates are now always installed outside of Kodi to provide a consistent user experience
  • Add compatibility for OS X El Capitan to the OSMC installer
  • Save space by automatically removing old kernels when OSMC updates. This can resolve an issue where users with long running installs can run out of disk space on their boot partition
  • Addition of more regional mirrors to provide a faster download and update experience
  • Reduced the size of the target installers which run on Raspberry Pi, Vero and Apple TV for quicker download
  • Try harder to connect to Wireless networks
  • Use UDevil to handle disk mounting if it is available
  • Improve MySQL configuration wizard within My OSMC -> Network
  • Improved HiFiBerry audio quality by generating audio clock on the device itself for ultra low jitter
  • Improved visual playback quality of DVDs on Vero. This is configurable by enabling the alternative renderer in Settings
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing process so that it is more reliable. This will be further refined next month
  • Always resample PWM audio on the Raspberry Pi


  • Ensure that requests build environment flags are respected by the build system
  • Added AMD64 toolchain and packages support for PC
  • Do not send the OSMC banner over SSH before login for security reasons
  • Update Raspberry Pi kernel to 4.2.3-3
  • Update Vero kernel to 4.1.7-5
  • Use upstream Raspberry Pi DMA engine
  • Reduce OSMC RSS feed polling interval to reduce traffic load

Issues updating to the latest version

There was a bug introduced in the September update that may prevent some systems from correctly receiving updates. If you are unable to update your system via My OSMC -> Updates, then you should reboot, go to My OSMC -> Updater -> Manual Controls and select Scan for updates now.

Wrap up

To get the latest and greatest version of OSMC, simply head to My OSMC -> Updates and check for updates manually on your exising OSMC set up. Of course — if you have updates scheduled automatically you should receive this update shortly.

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