This blog post is written by Sam Nazarko For almost ten years, we've been supporting the 1st generation AppleTV. It's where it all began, before OSMC was called OSMC, and before Raspbmc. In 2009, after purchasing an Apple TV I found the device to be rather limiting. Even installing XBMC   

OSMC's August update is ready with a wide range of improvements and fixes to keep your OSMC device running in tip-top shape. Kodi 17.4 has been released with a variety of fixes, and OSMC now ships with this version. We are continuing to work on migrating OSMC to the   

We hope you're having a great Summer break. OSMC's July update is ready with a few improvements to keep your device running in tip-top shape. The Vero 4K also sees a large number of improvements, particularly with regards to HDR and 10-bit content. We would like to thank everyone who   

Recently, we celebrated two years of stable OSMC. Today, we're happy to release OSMC's slightly belated June update. It comes with a variety of improvements and fixes. Debian Stretch (9.0) has now been released and we are preparing OSMC for this. A few days ago, we announced an import   

Today marks two years since OSMC achieved a stable release. It certainly doesn't seem like it's been this long, but we've been kept busy ever since! We wanted to thank our users for their support and encouragement over the years, as well as everyone who's involved and contributes to the