A while back, we showed you that we were working on a new look and feel for OSMC. Our brand has evolved a lot over the past few months and we want to update our skin to reflect that. Our current skin is not supported by the upcoming Kodi Krypton   

Kodi Krypton development is well underway, and the final release is expected shortly. We've been working hard preparing OSMC and rebasing our improvements on top of Kodi Krypton. All platforms currently supported by OSMC will remain supported, including the 1st Generation Apple TV. The new version of Kodi introduces many   

OSMC's September update is here. These changes come in light, as Kodi Jarvis (v16) is very stable as it nears its end of its life. We have been working on preparing OSMC for Kodi Krypton (v17) and will be offering some test builds for all platforms shortly. We have also   

Last September, we announced that OSMC had teamed up with WDLabs, a business growth incubator division of Western Digital. We've stayed in touch since then and we've spent several months working on something that compliments Raspberry Pi and really allows our users to get the best of OSMC. We're happy   

OSMC's August update is here. We hope you're having a great Summer holiday and we released this update to make sure your OSMC viewing experience remains in tip-top shape. We will soon be working on Kodi Krypton builds for all platforms now that Team Kodi have announced the first beta.