Which version of Kodi is supported?

The latest stable version of Kodi is currently supported.

Which version of Ubuntu is OSMC based on?

Unlike Crystalbuntu, OSMC is based on Debian.

Which Linux kernel is included?

OSMC ships with a modern 4.x Linux kernel.
Specific kernels used vary between OSMC supported devices like the ATV1, Vero, Raspberry Pi, etc

Where is OSMC installed on the Apple TV1 ?

You can either install OSMC to the internal storage by booting from a USB, or install directly on to a USB key only and keep the internal storage intact.

How much space do I need?

The minimum recommended size is 8GB.

What connectivity does the Apple TV have?

The device has a single USB 2.0 port; an optical audio port; HDMI port and component output.

What type of storage device should I run OSMC on?

You should run OSMC on either a fast USB 2.0 stick or the internal hard drive. OSMC supports either.

How do I install a CrystalHD card?

Full instructions are here

What video codecs does the CrystalHD card support on OSMC?

The CHD card is only used for H264 encoded video. Other formats, including MPEG2 or VC1 are not supported.

How do I know if the CrystalHD card is working?

You can check this 2 ways:

  1. To verify if the CrystalHD is being used to decode video, hit the ‘o’ key on a keyboard while a H264 video is playing. You should see ‘chd-osmc’ or ‘chd-h264-osmc’ as the decoder if it’s accelerated.

  2. Go to ‘Setting’‘Video’.
    Change menu ‘Settings Level’ to ‘Advanced’. The ‘Acceleration’ menu will appear.
    If the card is detected, ‘Allow hardware acceleration - Crystal HD’ will be visible.
    Note: Hardware Acceleration is enabled by default and CANNOT be disabled.

Which USB Wifi adapters will work?

Hardware support significantly varies per device and as such, there is no general list available. OSMC supports most WiFi adapters out of the box. We are happy to help you on the Community Forum and whenever possible we will add support in future updates for new devices. OSMC strives to support as much hardware as possible.

OSMC produces and sells an official WiFi dongle which is suitable for HD streaming. This dongle is supported on all OSMC supported devices.

Why is the screen always tinted pink ?

This usually occurs when the Apple TV HDMI Firmware was not configured for RGB High in the ORIGINAL ATV OS before OSMC (or other Linux based OS) was installed.

If this occurs, you will need to restore the original Apple TV OS, and change the AV setting to RGB High, then reinstall OSMC.
Unfortunately, this setting can only be changed in the original Apple TV OS.

My installation stopped at “Installing files”. What do I do ?

This occurs if you use an incompatible USB stick. Try using a different USB stick.

How do I force the ATV1 to boot from a USB Connected Storage Device ?

You can force the ATV1 to boot from a bootable USB device by pressing “menu” and “-” on the remote while it’s restarting.

How do I pair and un-pair the Apple Remote with the ATV1?

You normally can leave your Apple remote unpaired, but sometimes your Apple remote will stop working because it is not paired with your ATV.

  • To “pair” the Apple remote, press both “Menu” and “Right/Fast Forward” buttons for more than 6 seconds.
  • To “un-pair” the Apple remote, press both “Menu” and “Left/Rewind” Buttons for more than 6 seconds.

If successful you will see a message displayed on the screen.