The OSMC project provides a number of key advantages from a development perspective.

  • OSMC is built on a proven Linux distrbution, Debian. This allows us to focus on the core of OSMC. Whilst we do regression test upstream and quality assure it, the effort in doing so is reduced by using a Linux distribution with a keen focus on stability and Long Term Support
  • OSMC employs a modular build system. This allows the building of individual packages. In turn, this allows small, verifiable changes, quick and iterable development and easy regression testing.
  • OSMC’s layer based (ToDo: link to downstream implementation) allows for downstream development without interfering with upstream implementation. This allows users to enjoy the same large package repository of Debian without conflicts. This allows developers to achieve consistent results and compatibility when building packages on OSMC as they would on Debian.
  • Replicable builds and non-repudiation allow for accountability and ease in tracking down issues. Every OSMC package can be rebuilt from any time and it is easy to see what has changed, who made the changes, and why they did so.