Supported remotes

OSMC supports a wide range of remotes out of the box. OSMC also supports CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) which allows you to control OSMC using your TV remote – this requires a compatible TV and a CEC compliant HDMI cable (HDMI 1.3 and above).

OSMC produces and sells an official remote which is designed for OSMC. It works on all devices which can run OSMC, as well as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems running Kodi.

Configuring remote profiles

A wide variety of remote profiles are available for configuration from within My OSMC.

Manually learning a new remote with LIRC

You can use the irrecord command to ‘learn’ a new remote. This can be used to create an LIRC configuration file which can then be loaded via My OSMC → Remotes.

Bluetooth remotes

Bluetooth remotes and keyboards can be paired via My OSMCNetworking. You can learn more about configuring network connections here.