Here are some of the most common questions asked by new OSMC users.

What is the difference between OSMC and Kodi?

Kodi is a media center application and OSMC is the operating system that runs Kodi and brings it to your device. OSMC is not a fork of Kodi but rather a Linux distribution that ships Kodi as the main application.
This is a similar concept to Kodi running on top of Windows or Android. OSMC is based on Debian (a flavour of GNU/Linux) and has been heavily optimised to provide the best TV experience possible.

OSMC is in charge of:

  • Keeping your system up to date
  • Hardware management (handling devices such as remotes, keyboards, WiFi adapters etc)
  • Managing system resources

OSMC has over 40,000 packages made available via the Debian repositories as well as an App Store.

What is the default username and password in OSMC?

Login details can be found on the help page located here.

Which TV tuners are supported? Which WiFi adapters are supported?

Hardware support significantly varies per device and as such, there is no general list available. OSMC supports most TV tuners and WiFi adapters out of the box. We are happy to help you on the forum and whenever possible we will add support in future updates for new devices. OSMC strives to support as much hardware as possible.

OSMC manufactures and sells an official DVB-T2 dongle which is suitable for DVB (terrestrial) OTA broadcasts in a wide variety of regions.

What remotes work with OSMC?

OSMC supports a wide variety of remotes. OSMC ships with remote profiles for the most popular remotes and can also learn new remotes. OSMC also supports CEC, which allows you to control OSMC using your TV remote. You can learn more here, but your remote will probably work out of the box with minimal fuss.

OSMC manufactures and sells an official remote which is designed for OSMC. It works on all devices which can run OSMC, as well as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems running Kodi.

What file formats can OSMC play?

OSMC can play a wide variety of file formats. This sometimes depends on the hardware you are running on. For some devices, such as the Raspberry Pi, you may need to purchase additional codecs.

Can I get a desktop in OSMC?

A desktop environment and a web browser are scheduled for inclusion in OSMC in the near future.

Do Kodi add-ons work with OSMC?

Yes – add-ons that work with Kodi on other platforms will work on OSMC as well.

Does OSMC have all the packages in Debian?

Yes – OSMC has all Debian packages for the target architecture that your device supports. Remember to run sudo apt-get update before running any install operations to ensure that your APT list cache is up to date.

Cron is not working. Why?

OSMC ships without cron by default for performance reasons. Cron can be installed via the App Store.

The file /etc/network/interfaces doesn’t exist, how do I configure my network?

OSMC uses Connection Manager as to handle connections rather than the traditional networking service. You can learn more about how to set up your connection here.

Can you add support for a new device?

OSMC strives to support as many platforms as possible. However, we need to be cautious and ensure that we do so judiciously. OSMC only supports hardware that can deliver a consistent and stable experience that users would expect from OSMC. OSMC developers regularly evaluate popular devices and the feasibility of supporting these devices. Support is significantly hinged on the vendor’s commitment to support and their attitude towards the open source community and its values.

How often is OSMC updated?

OSMC receives a monthly update. This update brings bug fixes, stability improvements, performance improvements and new features. There are times when we need to deliver an update more urgently. In recent times we have seen some critical vulnerabilities, such as Heartbleed and Shellshock that needed addressing immediately. Kodi updates are made available as soon as they have been tested by the OSMC team to ensure that they deliver an experience to the standard you would expect from OSMC.

How do I keep my system up to date?

By default, OSMC will prompt you when updates are available for installation. You can learn more about keeping your system up to date here.

I have a feature suggestion, are you interested?

We are always looking to improve OSMC and ensure it remains the world’s most favourite media center. We have a section in our forum here where users can discuss features they’d like to see in OSMC.

I have a question, is there somewhere I can get help?

We have a community led forum with a bustling community. Please join us and feel free to ask should you need help with anything. If you’re experiencing a problem you should read this article on how to submit a useful support request.