OSMC is a cross-platform media center and runs on a multitude of devices. If there is significant demand for a device and we can support it, we will do so. Here’s what we currently run on:


Vero is OSMC’s flagship device. It is the best way to enjoy OSMC and offers the full power of OSMC, whether you’re new to OSMC or not. If you’re someone who takes their TV seriously, and you want the very best of OSMC, check out Vero here.

Raspberry Pi

OSMC runs on all models of Raspberry Pi. We recommend you use a Class 10 SD card, a stable power supply, and at least the Pi Model 2 for the best experience.

Apple TV

OSMC runs on the 1st generation Apple TV. You can install a Crystal HD acceleration card (outlined in our Wiki) for improved HD playback. OSMC is the only way of running the latest version of Kodi with Crystal HD support on Apple TV.