OSMC is a completely open and expansible system. As a result of this, users can install software or make changes that can cause issues with OSMC’s normal operation as a media center.

The Vero 4K features internal storage, but you can reinstall OSMC on the device in the same way that you can for any other OSMC compatible device. You will need an SD card or USB flash drive, which will allow you to load the OSMC installer on. When the Vero 4K is started with this card or drive, the internal storage will be formatted and repartitioned, and the version of OSMC you have downloaded will be installed.

Reinstallation steps

  • Ensure that you have backed up any data before proceeding. My OSMC allows you to back up your user data to external media.
  • Go to the Download page and download the installer for your computer.
  • Select the latest Vero 4K image in the installer, and insert an SD card or USB stick
  • With the Vero 4K powered off, insert the SD card or USB stick in to your device.
  • Power the Vero 4K and you will see the installation on screen
  • Wait a few minutes for this to complete, and then follow the on screen setup instructions. It is now safe to remove the SD card.

Restoring your backup

If your system was up to date, your backup will usually be compatible with the latest OSMC image and can be restored immediately using My OSMC. If you are reinstalling OSMC shortly after a release, the downloaded image may not be up to date and you should update to the latest version before configuring the backup location and restoring the backup.