Vero is OSMC’s flagship device. We’ve taken some time to answer the most common questions you may have about it. We are currently improving this Wiki.

How do I change the Vero remote battery?

The Vero remote uses a CR2032 battery. This type of battery is also used in watches and can be obtained from most jewellers. You may however find these batteries cheaper online. You should only need to replace your battery once every couple of years.

Please note that the battery is not covered under warranty as it is considered a consumable.

How do I remove the Vero’s SD card?

The SD card can be removed for all models of Vero if you would like to re-image it or upgrade the default storage. Older versions of Vero require tweezers to get the SD card out, however newer versions have a push-push mechanism on the SD slot which allow for quick removal.